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Average Household Income$221,400
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Average Investment Portfolio Value$552,000
Graduated College93%
Post Graduate Degree66%
Considering a Graduate Degree47%
Top Management/C-Suite21%
Sits on Board of Directors25%
Avg. Value of Purchasing Decisions at Work$683,000
Private Sector47%
Average Time Spent With Each Issue108 min.
Regular Readers86%
Save Issues for Future Reference68%
Avg. Books Purchased Each Year19
- History84%
- Politics/Current Events67%
- Biography60%
- Businesss23%
Average Domestic Trips Per Year7
Average Foreign Trips Per Year6
Own a Valid Passport91%
"I am typically willing to pay more for high-quality items"94%
"I buy based on quality, not price"90%
"I feel I am more environmentally conscious than most people"80%
"I often find myself in a leadership position"73%